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Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

Study MBBS in Bangladesh
Admissions Open For 2021-2022
MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

MBBS in Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College has come a long way in last 12 years and achieved great reputation amongst the medical colleges in the country, since its establishment in the year 2000. It is located in the heart of Dhaka city at Eskaton Garden Road on 8.10 acres of land with all modern amenities. Presently we have 719 students and 115 students are admitted per academic session.

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Fees Structure For MBBS Program

1st Year

Total Fee: 6250 USD

2nd-6th Per Year

6250 USD

Location of Holy Family Medical College

Holy Family Medical College is located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Like all other capitals Dhaka is the cultural, political and economic center of Bangladesh. Dhaka is famous for its cuisine, art festivals and religious diversity. Bangladesh has been a part of India at one point in history and has close connections with India.. The people of Dhaka are helpful towards the new entrants in the city.

College Rules

1. All students are to attend classes in clean well dressed white Apron.
2. All students are to carry their ‘Identity Cards’ when in the college.
3. Rings, bangles are discouraged as they cause impediments to practical work.
4. Fashionable dresses, untidy hair, slippers are discouraged in the college campus.
5. Environment is to be kept clean. Students should throw litters in to waste paper basket.
6. Pasting of posters on the walls of the college and the hospital buildings and or hanging of
posters in the college and in the hospital premises are prohibited unless permitted by authority.
These are considered as acts of indiscipline and offenders are liable to punishment.
7. Smoking is forbidden in the college campus.
8. All type of demonstrations, processions, shouting in the college and hospital premises are
prohibited and students involved are liable to be expelled from the college.
9. Abstentions from classes individually or in group or in a mass without prior information/without
valid reasons are punishable by imposition of daily 􀂦ne of Tk. 500/- individually, Guardians will be
informed of such acts.
10. Students will state their problems/grievances/inconveniences to their Teacher Guide. The
Guide will solve the problems of the students himself/herself or refer them to the principal.
Statement of the problems/grievances/inconveniences by the students must be in a orderly and
disciplined manner. Any act of indiscipline on the part of any student including usage of abusive
words or objectionable words and sentences, will make the students liable to be punished by
expulsion from the collage.
11. Student must not misbehave with the staff or employees of the college or the hospital. Acts of
misbehavior are also acts of indiscipline and liable for punishment.
12. The Students are expected to maintain the highest standard in their academic activities.
Smoking or any sort of addiction is strictly prohibited in the campus.
13. At the time of admission into the college the students and parents/guardians will have to sign
a bond that their children/wards will abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
14. Every student shall provide for himself/herself all the prescribed Text books, dissecting
instruments, medical equipment’s etc. The college will not supply these to the students.
15. In case of illness or other unavoidable reasons for non attendance, a written statement from
the parent/guardian is to be presented to the teachers concerned, who in turn will submit it to the
Principal for approval.
16. Cost of loss, damage to college/hospital property is liable to be realized from the student
found responsible for the loss, damage.
17. Political activities are not permitted in the college.
18. Students are allowed to use the Library. They will seat and read. Books will be issued to the
students only for reading in the Library. Home issue for the students is not permitted.
19. Students should have minimum of 75% attendance to qualify to sit for assessment
20. All students must ful􀂦ll the criteria laid down by Dhaka University and BMDC and clear all their
dues before being permitted to sit for professional examinations.
21. All students who have passed MBBS are to undergo one year Internship Training (Hospital
training) as per rules and regulations of BMDC(Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council).

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