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Northern State Medical University

Study MBBS in Russia
Admissions Open For 2024
MBBS Admission in Russia


MBBS in Northern State Medical University

The North State Medical University was established in 1936. It is located in the beautiful landscapes of Arkhangelsk. The university is recognized by major international organizations namely, Medical Council of India, ECFMG (USA) and WHO (World Health Organization). NSMU is a member of AMSE (Association of Medical Schools of Europe). When a student completes his MBBS in Russia from NSMU, he is eligible for applying in PLAB (UK) Exams, USMLE (USA) or MCI.At present, there are 55 different departments in the university out of which 27 of them are clinical departments. At any given time around 5500 are gaining their degrees in different fields from the university. The departments have well-equipped labs, classrooms, and research centers.
The university believes in overall development of the students. This is the reason the university organizes a number of annual events in under extracurricular activities. There are many students’ organizations and societies in the university which students can join and be a part of social groups and events. Depending on the season, the students can join different sports teams like ice hockey, skiing, and bicycle groups. Indoor sports options include volleyball, martial arts, and many others.

Northern State Medical University Fees Structure For MBBS Program

Yearly Fees Structure 

Tution fee - $ 6000 USD

Hostel Fee- $ 550 USD

Highlights of the University

1.The university has well-equipped labs and research centers.
2.The university offers scholarships for international students.
3.It is recognized by WHO and UNESCO.
4.The students can pursue MBBS in Russia in the English language in this university.
5.It is recognized by the majority of the nations which makes it easier for the students to find suitable jobs after graduations.
6.The course fees and living expenses are affordable.
7.The students can find their own cuisines in the cafeteria.


Hostel: The University has hostel facility in which the rooms are offered to a group of 3-5 students depending on the size of the apartment. The university also offers support in finding accommodation nearby university.
Labs and research centers: The labs and research centers at the university are well equipped with the modern technology. The professors and technicians provide support to the students to understand the mechanism of the machinery at the labs or research centers.
Societies and organizations: To ensure overall development of the students, the university has allowed a number of student societies and organizations to work within the universities. These societies help the students to work on the extracurricular skills and improve social bonding with the fellow students. The annual events based on these societies also help the students in reducing stress related to coursework.
Seminars and lectures: Every year, the university invite scholars, scientists and professors from all across the globe to share their experiences with the students. The students not only come across the latest developments in their respective fields but also understand the challenges that they may come across in future.

Why is Northern State Medical University recommended for Indian Students?

The Northern State Medical University is recognized by the Indian government and the students who have gained their after doing MBBS in Russia from this university do not find any problem in acquiring a high paying job. The Indian students who want to pursue their higher education under the guidance of well-known professors can fulfill their dream in this university. The university also offers scholarships for international students. As the university is quite famous among the Indian students, a large number of Indians are already getting their education and a new student won’t find it difficult to adjust to the new environment. The management and the students’ department is also very helpful towards international students.

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