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Peoples Friendship University

Study MBBS in Russia
Admissions Open For 2024

MBBS Admission in Russia

University Students

MBBS in Peoples Friendship University

The Peoples Friendship University was established by the government of Russia in the year of 1960 In the year of 1960, the name of the Peoples Friendship University was changed to Patrice Lumumba University which was the name of an independence leader. The students of the very first batch of the university consisted of international students from 47 different universities.
The Russian Federation changed the name of the university to Peoples Friendship University from the Patrice Lumumba University. In the 90’s many faculties were introduced in the Peoples Friendship University such as Humanities, Law, Economics, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences etc.

Peoples Friendship University Fees Structure For MBBS Program

Yearly Fees Structure 

Tution fee - $ 7000 USD

Hostel Fee- $ 1500 USD

About Peoples Friendship University

The University was established in 1960 by the USSR government and named after a leader, Patrice Lumumba representingthe struggle of people around the world for independence and freedom. More than 80,000 foreign students from around 170 countries graduated and studied at Peoples Friendship University. The University is regulated by the government of the Russian federation, securing the top place in the list of classical medical universities of Russia and it is one of the leading universities for training foreign students.

Duration of MBBS in Peoples Friendship University

Duration of under-graduate program especially MBBS in Russia is of 6 years including 1 year of apprenticeship and 5 year of classroom learning. The duration of MBBS is almost same for every medical university in Russia. Russian medical universities are providing great opportunity to work during your span of 6 years to get real-time experience exposure.

Students campus

The student campus of the Peoples Friendship Universityhas won prize of the “Best campus” in Moscow. The University has won an award for the Best student hostel campus at the Russia contest. The campus covers the area of 50 hectares and it has 27 buildings, hostels, sport faculty, medical faculty and shops. The University has 12 hostels with cosy rooms attached with kitchens. Students are provided with some basic electrical equipment such as Internet access and TV in the rooms of the hostel. Students can use Laundromats to wash their clothes. The hostel campus is walkable from the university campus which saves the transport expense and time of the students living at the hostel. The student campus is located in the South-West region of the Moscow city, the best places for students to study and live. The hostel buildings are situated in 16 storeys and 5 storeys offering triple and double-bedded costs from $ 980 and $ 3500 per annum including electricity and water expenses, washing facilities, cooking and furniture. The hostel rooms have internet access, telephone and satellite TV. There is student council to solve their issues.

Medical care

If a student fall sick, the university polyclinic have everything for medical assistance. The rehabilitation and medical centers are well equipped. The employees and the students have to undergo medical check-up every year. The university also won a prize for providing the best healthy life style to the students. The Medical Care Center provides regular health care and control depending upon the medical insurance of $ 270 per annum. Dispensaries and polyclinic for the students are located inside the campus.


The boundary of the hostel campus is fenced for the safety of the students living in the hostel. There is system of electronic gate pass maintained for students. Visitors are allowed to visit students after being identified. The police station and the internal security control over discipline and public order. There is system of fire prevention is fitted in the hostel premises of the Peoples Friendship University.

Sport and Leisure

The University offers halls for gymnastics, basketball, handball and football groundsfree of charge to make student’s life comfortable. Pools andTennis courts are also there in the campus for the students. A, a telephone centre, International post-office, shopping centre, restaurants offering cuisine of several countries, computer centre andcultural centrefor international student are situated inside the campus. The sports complex coversthe area of 6,500 sq. m.Students can do  sports activitiesall through the year. Apart from weather conditions – there are 15 courts for tennis,4 football ground including 2 indoor fieldsand 36 sections for sports.

The Peoples Friendship University offers

1.Full immersion for 2 weeks in Russian language in the month of July and August in the University where international students study Russian.
2. Per week 20 hours of lectures + language instruction and seminars on cultural topics.
3. Labs with computer assistance speaking andlisteningfacilities.
4. Accommodation facilities at the University Campus.
5. Various social and cultural programmes.
6. Tuition fee of 900 euro per 2 weeks including accommodation fee.
7. Russian language course at three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced

Faculties at Peoples Friendship University

The Peoples Friendship University combines research and education in different fields and also offers 18 post graduate
and undergraduate courses which are internationally recognized. The Peoples Friendship University has, 10 institutes,
156 educational and scientific, 4 research centres and 7 faculties mentioned below
1.Faculty of Science
2.Faculty of Philology
3.Faculty of Ecology
4.Faculty of Economics
5.Institute of Law
6.Institute of Medicine
7.Agro-Technological Institute
8.Institute of Foreign languages
9.Institute of Biomedical Problems
10.Institute of World Economy & Business
11.Faculty of Humanitarian & Social Sciences
12.Research Institute of Gravitation & Cosmology
13.Institute of Applied Techno-Economical Research & Expertise
14.Engineering Academy

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