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Uzhhorod National Medical University

Study MBBS in Ukraine
Admissions Open For 2021-2022
MBBS Admission in Ukraine


Uzhhorod National University belongs to classic universities of Ukraine, holding the highest 4th level of accreditation. The university has acquired a well-deserved reputation in a scientific world, becoming the landmark and the alma-mater for generations of students who are working successfully both in Ukraine and other countries of the world.  At present about 15,500 students study here .

Uzhhorod National University Fees Structure For MBBS Program

The fee structure is probably the most important criteria or the aspect which should be considered by the aspirants, as the majority of us consider the fee structure before getting the admission into the University.

Here in this section, we are going to list the MBBS fee structure of the University so that you can consider it for your consideration.


Yearly Fees Structure 

Tution fee - $ 3800 USD

Hostel fee - $ 850 USD

Health insurance - $ 150 USD

Courses Provided by the Uzhhorod National University

Well, it is basically a government-owned University of Ukraine and is one of the oldest one in the country. The University offers almost all kinds of the major medical programs to the aspirants to keep up with the other private medical Universities of the country.

You can avail the below-mentioned courses from this University.

1. MBBS Program

2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery

3. Nursing

4. Pre Medical Courses

5. Pharmacy Programs

6. General Medicine

7. Community Medicine

Other Post Graduate Courses in Medicine

The above-mentioned courses are the major courses that you can avail from the University, and you can visit the website of the University in order to have more information on such courses.

MBBS Program of Uzhhorod National Medical University

Well just like any other University MBBS is the most subscribed program of the Uzhhorod National University which is opted by the majority of the medical aspirants both from Ukraine and from the other countries as well. There are many reasons why aspirants choose this University to study their MBBS program such as the low-cost fee structure, government recognition, etc.

Further talking about the MBBS from the University which has the alike duration of the 6 years just like the other medical institutions. The course has been divided between the academic session and the internship session where the first 5 years are meant for the academic studies of medicine. The last 6th year is allocated to the internship period which is held at the medical hospitals so that the students can test their practical knowledge.

Here below are some of the major courses that you will study at the University.

1. Human Anatomy

2. Biochemistry

3. Ophthalmology

4. Radiotherapy

5. Physiology

6. General Medicine and Surgery

7. Community Medicine

8. Anesthesiology

9. Orthopedics

10. Pediatrics

11. Obstetrics etc.

These are the major courses of study that you will study into the University, but it includes the whole curriculum of studying which can be checked in the MBBS curriculum of the Uzhhorod National University Ukraine.

Facilities Provided by the Uzhhorod National University

Having access to all the basic facilities by the medical aspirants is the integral requirements of all the MBBS aspirants. This is the reason why all the aspirants look forward to having access to all such facilities so that they don’t face any kind of trouble. The administration of the Uzhhorod National University takes care of this aspect, and thus it provides all kinds of basic facilities to the students in its campus.

Here you can read the list of basic facilities below.

– Separate and the bigger hostels for the boys and girls students.

– Library equipped with the internet facilities for the exploring purpose

– Canteen and the other refreshment facilities within the campus.

– 24/7 medical facilities for the students

– Gym and the sports club facilities for the students

– Playground facilities for the playful atmosphere.

– Banking facilities within the campus of the University.

Scholarship Program of the Uzhhorod National Medical University

The scholarship program of the University is basically a relief to such aspirants who want to study in the Uzhhorod National University for their MBBS course. The purpose of the scholarship scheme is to help the financially weaker aspirants by offering them some monetary relief so that they can make their dreams come true.

As we know that Uzhhorod National University is the government medical institution thus the government offers several kinds of scholarship to both native and the foreign aspirants.

We urge all the aspirants to visit the campus of the University in order to have more information about the scholarship program of the University and also know the eligibility criteria.

Scope and Placement Opportunities of the Uzhhorod National Medical University

Well, the aspirants who want to study from the Uzhhorod University are having a common query, which is about knowing the scope of the Uzhhorod National University The so that they can plan their MBBS studies from there freely.

Uzhhorod is the government medical the University of Ukraine which is recognized and approved across the globe by all the major medical bodies such as WHO, MCI, UNESCO, etc thus you will be having the full scope of your degree, no matter where you go in the world with your degree.

You will be having two options that whether you can start your own practice as a doctor in Ukraine, or you can work in the hospitals. In case you are a foreign candidate then you will be required to clear the screening exam of your native country in order to get the admission.

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