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Kharkiv Aviation Institute

Study Engineering in Ukraine
Admissions Open For 2021
Engineering Admission in Ukraine

Engineering in Kharkiv Aviation Institute

Ukraine is one of few countries of the world where aviation and space engineering are developed and manufactured and where skilled specialists are trained for these areas. The National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute is the leading one among the Ukrainian educational institutions which turn out such specialists.The KhAI was founded in 1930. Its history is closely connected with the development of aircraft engineering and science. The University is famous for its creation of the first in Europe high-speed airplane with a retractable landing gear and the creation of the design of the turbojet engine developed by teacher of the KhAI A. M. Liulka who afterwards became the academician and designer of many structures of aircraft engines including the engine of the aircraft Su-27.
The KhAI is a unique higher educational institution where the airplanes developed by the Institute Design Burean under the supervision of professor I. G. Neman were produced serially at the aircraft plants and run on passenger airlines.
From 1977 to 1984 the Designer General O.K. Antonov run the department of airplane structure at the KhAI.
In 1978 the KhAI was given the name of N. Ye. Zhukovskiy. In 1980 the Institute was awarded with the order of Lenin. In 1998 the N. Ye. Zhukovskiy State Aerospace University “Kharkov Aviation Institute” was founded on the basis of the KhAI and in 2000 the University got a status of the National higher educational institution and got a name of the National Aerospace Uuniversity Kharkiv Aviation Institute.
During the period of its existence the University has trained about 60 ths engineers. More than 80% of the specialists with higher education who work in Ukrainian aerospace area are the graduates of the KhAI.

National Aviation University Fees Structure

Airport Technological Facilities Master's degree



Faculty of Aircraft Engineering
Faculty of Aircraft Engines'
Faculty of Aircraft Control Systems
Faculty of Rocket and Space Engineering
Faculty of Aircraft Radio electronic Systems
Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty for International Students
Distance Education Cemetery


Bachelor's degree – 4 years
Specialist Degree – 1/1.5 years (depends on the specific training programme) after B.Sc.
Master's degree – 1.5/2 years (depends on the specific training programme) after B.Sc.
Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) – 3 years after M.Sc. or Specialist Degree
Doctor of Science – 3 years after Ph.D.


The majority of NAU KhAI Training Programmes are provided in Ukrainian and Russian. But NAU KHAI also have a set of International Oriented Studies (IOS) Bachelor's and Master's of Science Programmes in English. For international students NAU KHAI has 1-month Training Programme at the Preparatory Department for further study at University in Russian.

Memberships and programs

1. European and Global International Associations and Communities (International Association of Universities (IAU/UNESCO), European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities (PEGASUS), The Magna Charta of the European Universities, International Association of Technical Universities from CIS Countries,Academic Association of CIS Countries Higher Education, European Aeronautic Science Network (EASN))
2. Bilateral cooperation (Technion Research and Development Foundation LTD (Israel)
3. EU Framework Programmes
4. TEMPUS Programme
5. Dual Degree Programmes with World Leading Universities
6. Working and Training Abroad for KhAI Students and Staff
7. Educational Programmes for Foreign Citizens

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